Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Random thoughts

What's going on in your world?
*Spence is sleeping in his top bunk! He loves it and stays in bed all night! He goes right to's so nice. If only Coop could cooperate...we are going to move him out of his toddler bed into the bottom bunk, but that kid is scared of every little noise and comes running out!
*Finally seeing some sun! So happy the rainy grey weather is gone...for now.
*Heading to Disneyland this excited!
*Still car-less...and not loving it. But a big thank you goes to my mom for her shuttling me about and cindy for loaning me her car for a few days. This is when living in town with family really is GREAT. Actually, it's great all the time...we are spoiled. :-)
*Joe might be buying me a car today...he's in Sacramento shopping. We decided to go the cheap, used route. Neither of us really cares about cars, so we decided no car payments would be nice to continue for now. I really want a Honda Odyssey, but we decided let's wait 2 years. So, it will be interesting to see what I get for now! As long as it's a minivan, I don't care...and I was the one who used to say, no minivans for me...only SUV's. But so glad to be rid of my SUV!
*8 months pregnant's going so fast! Can't believe she will be here in about 8 weeks! Need to start washing clothes for her and setting up her room.
*Cooper is crying right now...mad he can't wear his dog costume to the store...which we need to go to right now...tomorrow is our last day to plan the lessons at Spencer's pre-school...glad to get it out of the way, but sad b/c we are coming to end of pre-school with Spencer...
*That's about it, I think...better go get Coop, he has moved on to going through the fridge...he has picked out salami now!
Happy Wednesday!

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