Wednesday, February 06, 2008

New car!

So, Joe found me a car!!!! Yippee!!! It's a Grand Caravan, so I will be cruisin' the total! Can't wait to see it. Joe is driving home from Sac. right now. The boys are in bed and I am finishing up the pre-school lesson plans, our theme is Fairy Tales and we're doing a day of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

OK, so I can now post about this awesome kit I bought on the creating keepsakes site, the School Kit. Go check out for info (on her blog) and some yummy recipes. I made one so far, and Joe really liked it, the Chicken Garlic Pasta one. The kit sold out in about 5 hours! I bought one, but then my mom said she would buy one for Cooper, but it was already sold out! BUT Becky said they are bringing them back, so go check it out. Can't wait to get my one I ordered. IF it's really good, I'll have to order 2 more!

Goodnight...leaving you pictures of Cooper watching Youtube with Daddy and just plain ol' flirting with the camera...hardly took ANY pictures in Jan.!!! And now the camera is broken, but thank goodness for warranties...we're already on camera #3 (I think) from the warranty we purchased in 2002! So, it's back to Best Buy tomorrow...

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