Sunday, February 24, 2008


Whew...5 weeks to go...not really ready...but ready still... my tummy hurts!!! Baby K is sitting at an odd angle...
great week off...just relaxed mostly. Spencer had a few friends over, and we hit story time on Friday, and birthday party at the gym, but not much else. the boys room is pretty organized now. Took out Cooper's toddler's bed, ooh, he didn't like it! But I needed more room in there. They have a lot of stuff!
Spencer got his first XBox game, Shrek, and he loves it! What have we created? He loves saving "his honey, Fiona".
Not much else here....pretty boring...going back to work tomorrow. 4 more weeks until maternity leave...hope I can make it! Actually I do better keeps me going! Being at home this week was wonderful, but I was much more tired.
Are you watching the Oscars? I am listening to it. I don't think I even saw one of the nominated movies! I need to get out more! Really wanted to see Juno. Joe and I need to go on more dates, I think! He has his movie partner, Allen, so he had seen some of the movies.
Well, enough probably stopped reading already...
Have a great week! :-)

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