Monday, May 19, 2008

Playing, playing...

...with my camera...lucky you get to see them! :-) I cannot get a real good one of my baby girl, though! Need to keep playing with that...she is adorable, but these picks don't do her justice! this pick here shows her with a hint of a smile...she is smiling now, but haven't gotten a good pic yet of that!

I think I took like 75 great ones of my boys yesterday! Yes, 75! I am just sharing some so you don't get too bored. Playing with the the dark shots, and the ones that are "blown out" a close ups! Now my camera is fast enough to catch my boys!

Went shopping today...the boys made out with some new clothes for summer. Kendall and I only got 1 thing we need to shop some more! I am having a harder time losing the weight this time, and the new styles are kind of flowy, so I look pregnant still! Oh I was able to wear non maternity pants for the first time! Thank goodness I still have my Bella Bands for everything else....they rock! Pregnant or not!

OK, better go get some sleep. Kendall is 6 weeks old this week, and the interrupted sleep is getting to me now...I am exhausted!!!! Good night!

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