Monday, May 26, 2008

what was I thinking???

tomorrow I go back to work...granted, it's only 7 days...but it's 7 days!!! 7 days of testing, cleaning, field trips, end of year stuff away from my babies!!! (that's K at 7 weeks!)I should have just stayed out...I am already thinking of getting a sub later this top it off, it's Spencer's last week of school, Joe's going out of town Wed. night to see The Cure, and then he's also going out of town next week to do the commercial filming with Ryan...whew, also music class for Cooper, and swim lessons start for the boys next week! Can I survive this next 7 days of school?????

I feel like this:
(that's a yawn, BTW)

We had a wonderful weekend with joe's family....will blog more later about it and share some pictures (here's a sneak of the cousins!)...gotta get my boys into the tub so I can make some lesson plans for tomorrow...and get to sleep EARLY!


Robin Bielman said...

OMG! Kendall is gorgeous! The boys aren't too shabby either. :) Good luck with the next 7 days! I've no doubt you can do it all!

Take care!

laura vegas said...

how was your first day back? hope it all went ok. kind of stinks that you have to go back for just 7 days ... especially with so much going on this week for you. but then again ... it's just 7 days which doesn't sound too bad. good luck this week!