Wednesday, May 28, 2008


OK, I know you are all on pins and needles waiting to hear how it's going, this chaotic life I lead!

Well, survived my first day...and my 2nd...Kendall slept through a feeding last night...yes! It's been a challenge getting to school at 7:45! The kids were so excited to see me, though they have been chatty and a little bit naughty! I can tell they've had 2 subs...and lots of changes...shouting out in the classroom is not OK! Getting up from your desk constantly is also not OK! SOOO glad it's the end of the year...I am only going in for a half day tomorrow. It's Spencer's last day of school, and I really want to document it...his LAST day of pre-school!

Plus, I need a break...whew, working moms with 3 kids, how do you do it???? It's not for me, I tell you. Part time, I can handle...

I am also posting some pics of the Lepere's from the celebration weekend..the anni-birth-ary! It was a big celebration for Joe's Nana and Grandpa's anniversary and birthdays! All 3 of their kids, plus all the grandchildren (9) and great-grandchildren ( far!) got together for dinner and BBQ and hanging out. It was very nice to visit, as we are spread out around CA and WA. I didn't get as many pics as I wanted...not one of everyone, but we did have a photographer at the dinner and he got family shots, as well as a picture of the whole group, crying babies included (luckily, none of mine!). That's what happens when the average age is 1.5! :-)
Here's Grandpa with his youngest grandchild: Audrey (8 months).

Here's Maddie with Pana!

The WA Lepere's: Katherine, Uncle Steve, and Elizabeth...Cooper adored these girls!

Cindy & Nana with the cake!

Jake and Spencer at dinner! This was after the ties came off! Cousins and best friends!

In other news, Kendall is starting to wear 3-6 months! At 7 weeks...she's my big baby! Yes, Jenny, she is fitting in that purple outfit, and looking so cute! Man, my girl is one stylish fashion plate...wish I had even half as many clothes as she has!!!

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