Friday, October 10, 2008


...can't believe I am saying this, but I am cold! I'm sitting here in the dining room typing, with the windows open, and the cool wind keeps whipping through...I like the idea of the fresh air airing out our house. I've been reading about how our home's air can be more polluted than the outside air! Especially if you use all those cleaners with the yucky chemicals...I have weeded those out and only use homemade cleaners or environmentally safe cleaners...pretty easy to find nowadays! Of course, it would be dangerous if my kids got into the cleaner area (i.e. under the kitchen sink), but I feel comfortable knowing nothing under there would poison them!

We are enjoying the fall weather, but the weatherman says we will back up to the 80's next week.

So cute...Spencer just got home from a fun afternoon with Jake, Aunt Chelle, Cameron, and his mommy (I skipped out with a sleepy baby!). Cooper ran to the door and said, "Hi bruddy! I missed you!" and gave him a big hug! I really hope my boys will be best friends.

Here's some recent pics:

Kendall is *6* months old!
Someone found brothers' markers...

Spencer on picture day! When did picture day become so expensive! I bought one of the cheapest packages because the pictures aren't usually the greatest, but you HAVE to have a school picture, and it was still $30! For like 3 of course, I took my own. We still have Cooper and Kendall's picture days coming up (their babysitter hires a photographer, too).
Cooper and his tea party!

Have a nice weekend!

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