Wednesday, October 01, 2008

still here...barely...

Yes, I am still here...but true, just!!!! My children are running me ragged! Well, actually my sweet adorable baby girl! She is going through a major growth spurt and eating ALL the night! I would just love to have one night of uninterrupted sleep...but not sure if I could even do that! When I was in Pismo, childless for the night, I didn't sleep well. Oh well, such is the life of a mom, right?

Right now the boys are tearing apart the family room, couch and all. Jake is over, too, and I'm too tired to stop them. As long as they let sleeping beauty i.e. Kendall sleep, it's fine!

Not much new is the last hot day of the season, or so the news says. We'll see! I am ready for some cool air!

Today we had a playdate with a sweet friend who is expecting baby #4! She has kids ages 5, 4, and 1, and soon a newborn! Bless her! She has been home alone all week because her hubby is at some training for his work. I think she was glad to have some adult contact today. :-) The kids did the trampoline with the sprinklers on. They were so happy. I was really expecting (hoping is more like it) that they would crash out when we got home. No such luck. So here I am, surfing to stay awake. STSA, I could call it. Have you done this???
So this great kindergartner Spencer...comes in to my classroom with his writing: I like green a kr z green (I like green. A car is green.) He had the spacing, too!!! His teacher sent him over to show me...I was so proud! This is a perk of teaching next door to your child! I get to see him through the morning, and he always waves to me! My own class will tell me, "There's your son!" if they spot him in the hallway. My boy. (By the way, Daddy's car is green.)

PS: Ashley, you asked if I, lately I do not!!!! Not by choice! By the way, thanks for the clothes! KK will look so cute in them! :-)

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