Friday, October 03, 2008

I Feel Good!

Finally getting sleep! I went to bed Wed. at 7:45 and told Joe he got to feed the princess...who only woke up once...stinker...but last night, she only got up once, things are looking up. Meanwhile, I feel better getting sleep. You don't realize how precious it is until you don't it! :-) But I won't complain anymore, I know I am lucky. Here's some cute pictures of KK...It's my new favorite outfit of hers...compliments of the Fergs! I love it! :-)
It feels like fall today! It's overcast, a bit humid, but there is a slight cool breeze! Yay! We are busy this weekend: soccer tonight, then the boys are heading to a football homecoming game. Tomorrow I am taking the kiddos with me on the Heart Walk, and I am getting my hair done...finally, yippeee!!!! And then to San Francisco on Sunday to see Steph's latest production, Snow White! Busy busy weekend... Hope you have a wonderful weekend, too!

Signs of the season at home...time for a changing of the flag! (Diane, do you recognize the flag???)

A special shout out to are so awesome! I got the book you sent! It looks like a fun read! Charleen is a relative of mine by marriage...not sure even exactly how we are related! We haven't met YET, but she has sent me a few books since she reads my blog and knows I am a big reader. Charleen, I really appreciate you! Thanks!

Congrats to Virginia on the birth of Emma! Yay! And congrats to Charlotte, who found out today that Baby #1 is a boy! all the new babies entering our world...we need all this love and sweetness right about now!

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Kelli said...

I love the purple too - so glad you like it! She is so, so gorgeous. BTW, my mom made the hairbow - she makes great ones!