Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkins again....

So we hit up another patch was OK, though we really enjoyed the corn maze! Then set to carve some pumpkins. The boys ended up wanting to paint their we only got one carved. Oh well!

Looking forward to Halloween, but very afraid it's going to be a wet one! It sprinkled today and it! Another random fact about me is that I love weather! I should have been a meteorologist. I watch the Weather Channel like regular TV. And here I am, stuck in an area with little weather. Warm, clouds, cool, rain...that's the extent of our weather. Love when Vicki posts the pictures of the stormy skies in their Texas area on her blog!
Love my Cooper...who is going to be a fireman for Halloween. He's looking forward to his "Halloween Birthday Party" at his babysitters! He thinks it's a birthday party, too...after all, isn't that when we party???


Kelli said...

I know rain on Halloween can be a bummer, but thunderstorms in CA are precious and rare, so I'd say it's a win-win. The kids can always raid their own candy bowl! I did my TAG on my blog, so go check it out!

Vicki said...

More cute pics! I am trying to figure out how Cooper has three hands! :) Hope it doesn't rain till after trick or treating . . . then ya'll win! (like how I threw the ya'll in there??)
FYI -- Monday it was freezing and in the 50s and today for Halloween, it is a perfectly clear 80 degrees! Crazy!
Happy Halloween!
(I'll do my 6 things tag soon, I promise!)