Wednesday, October 08, 2008

San Francisco

We had a great Sunday in the city...though it didn't start off well...we gave ourselves plenty of time to get to the city, but obviously not enough, because there was a lot of traffic going onto the Oakland Bridge! We had to call Steph and tell her we were going to be needless to say, we missed her children theatre's show, Snow White. However, her kids were so sweet that they recreated 3 scenes for us when we were there! Thank you!!!! The boys loved it! The show was so cute! Steph doesn't just do a show, she gives them a twist. This was a western Snow White and the Dwarfs each had a bad habit that Snow White helped them shed (Lyin' Larry, Unsharing Sharon, Sloppy Joe, etc!). Very cute! Afterward we went to Alamo Square and saw the Painted know the houses at the beginning of "Full House"! What a great park, the kids had a blast. We brought Maddie with us and even she, at 12, loved the park. Here's Joe and Steph!

Steph had us over to her (darling) house for dinner...yummy! What a special day! No to mention, the weather was perfect! The sky was so blue, not a cloud in the sky! Spencer was very bummed to leave that evening. He wanted to spend the night. Our kids are such good travelers...I sense more trips in our future. Little Kendall stayed home with Grammy and Grampy. She got to be the "only child"...a rare occurrence for her! :-)
Now we are back to our schedule...Spencer has Jake and Cameron over this afternoon, so they are all running around being boys! It is fun having a house full of boys!

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