Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Monday!

Check out this cool site! :-) Makes your photos look old!

Back to school here...the boys were, not so much... we had a nice week off...parties, playdates, trip to visit Kim & Amanda, dinner with Nana & Grandpa, hanging out, bowling, it's back to the grind.

Look, ma, I can stand! I'm 10 months old!
New House Resolutions:
I really want to change some things, and moving into a new house seems like a good time to do this. We are going to take family walks everyday, or at least every other day. Started today. We live near the creek bike path, so that should be fun to walk. Also, going to do one new recipe a week to expand our horizon. Kim gave me a great recipe for chicken cous cous. Might try that this week. I'll post the recipes that I try.

Also, want to do one project a week with the kids. Not sure what this week's project is, but will post that, also. Have some ideas...
That's it. for now. Facebook seems to be sucking away my blogging time...

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