Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine's Love

Decorating his cupcake...


My valentine!
Mailboxes from school...

Today Cooper and Kendall had Valentine's Day at school, and I got Grammy to sub for me so I could go...aww, the perks of having a sub in the family...and it was fun! Coop was so excited I was there, he held my hand the whole time. Miss K was sleeping the whole time...We had a nice heart lunch and decorated cupcakes. Cooper was thrilled with his mailbox of goodies and looked through it all afternoon.
The gifts for the teachers...says "You deserve a hand. Happy Valentine's Day!" Being a teacher, I know it's nice to get chocolate gifts, but it's nice to get useful gifts, too. And who washes their hands more than a teacher? So they are getting some good hand cream. Saw this idea in Family fun magazine.
Also, best wishes to Victoria and family on the birth of Sadie! Congrats!


Periwinkle said...

Valentine's Day is so much fun. I'm glad you got to share it with your kid-o's. Your teacher treats were fabulous--so cute!

Michelle said...

You took some great pictures that day!! And for the record, I love my hand cream...and Super Cooper's hand!