Wednesday, February 18, 2009


We've been busy here! We celebrated Valentine's Day with my parents coming over with a heart shaped pizza! Then we had Joe's parents over for sausage and peppers the next night. We've been off of school this week...getting things unpacked, up on the walls, taxes Lance Armstrong came to town for the Amgen Tour of California. We walked over to one part of the race route with my mom and Joe's sister and family. Spencer and Jake were excited, but it was over so fast, and they were disappointed. "That's all?" they wondered. I got a shot of Lance, it's not very good, but it's him! There was a big festival downtown, but we didn't venture down there. I kind of wish we did, but I know it would have been packed!
Maddie strolling Kendall.Lance is in the yellow and black helmet.Lance's profile...he's in the helmet, next to the green racer.
KK with Grandma.
Tomorrow the kids and I are heading to the Bay Area to visit Kim and Amanda, and then have dinner with Grandpa and Nana!

Congrats to my friend Charlotte on the birth of baby Tyler! He's adorable!

Prayers needed for two of my friends who have been diagnosed with cancer: breast cancer, thryoid cancer. They both have small children, and one just found out she's pregnant! Please keep Erin and Shelly in your prayers.

Project 365 pics:
Spencer at his Valentine's party at school.Daddy reading Captain Underpants. Our family pic on Valentine's's hard to get a good one with all 5!
Papa loves his Kendall.

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