Sunday, February 08, 2009


My green stroller is a hybrid! :-)

Pana and Riley
Super Bowl Sunday...making the guacamole, the boys always make it!

Grammy playing with the kiddos!

So we're in the new house....enjoying it! Everyone loves it. It's freezing, though....the heater needs to be fixed in the bedrooms...thank goodness it's a rental! So we're bundled one seems to be as cold as me, though!

The major stuff is in and unpacked, now it's all the extras....oh, so tired of unpacking....anyone wanna come help????
Joe is getting ready to start his video production company...on the side. He NEEDS a creative outlet and misses his video work a lot, so he's all computer and software and now he needs work! :-)
My 10-month-old girl is fussing...nap time! Better go!

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