Sunday, February 01, 2009

Where's Amy?

I'm here!!!! Sorry...been gone too long. Part of the problem is my computer does not have internet access, so I'm using Cindy's enjoy the updates without pics...sorry, Joe!
1. We are in the process of moving. We are working through the boxes....slowly. We have too much stuff, I think! We are still camping out at my in-law's. Easier with a baby.
2. Like the new house a lot. The floor plan is great, even better than our old house. The house has 1 less bedroom, but more square footage. Joe and I are using the dining room as our office since it's tucked off the kitchen and the family room. Wish the kitchen and flooring was more updated, though. The backyard will be fun for the boys! And we've met 2 neighbors so far, and they are great! One has a 16 year old daughter for babysitting. The other is good friends with my mother-in-law.
3. Watching the commercials, I mean the Super Bowl right now. Joe is rooting for the Steelers, and Spencer and I are rooting for the Cardinals. No reason in particular!
4. Up to date with Project's fun to take pictures everyday. Trying to take pictures of everyday stuff, too, so we can remember what life was like for us in 2009.
5. Maddie is the BEST at helping! She came over and was cleaning my house like crazy yesterday, and baking beautiful cakes for her mom in between.
6. My sister had hand surgery Friday (Jenny) because she sliced her finger pretty deeply cutting an avocado! She is doing fine, but will take a while to recover. She is wearing a huge cast on her arm, too! She and Justin are heading to Colorado in a few weeks to see their nephew. My mom is "babysitting" their dogs in San Diego....nice job! :-)))
7. OK, that's it for now. We get internet on Thursday, so I'll update with pictures of the house and my kids!

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