Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hello Spring!

Happy 2nd day of spring! Hope you are enjoying the new season...I sure am! A new start! :-)

*are starting T-ball on Monday! Joe is Spencer's assistant coach!

*are planning a 1st birthday bash for Kendall...mostly just family, nothing too crazy this year!

*are moving into Grammy's house for the night on Monday while our house gets sprayed for spiders...after finding spiders in: my make-up bag (ewww), our bed, the walls in every room and last straw: Kendall's crib!!!!, we are having the house fumigated!

*are soooo excited to see Jenny & Megan in 2 weeks for Kendall's birthday!!!!

(picture taken by it!)

*had a blast watching Brian (my brother-in-law) fight in a cage fight and WIN last night! Ooooh, it was scary...the guy he was fighting was rocked out! But Brian took him round one! Go, Brian! (He's in the black shorts)

*put Kendall in her big girl carseat!*had leprechauns visit us and turn the milk and eggs green! They also visited my classroom, left footprints, and a hidden treats for the kids!

And in other news, we are starting a new family tradition! I saw somewhere in a book that we usually remember what we did for our birthdays, but not what we got. And let's face it, do we usually have to wait for our birthdays to get things we want? Maybe the big things...
but anyways, we are going to do a family activity on birthdays instead...the birthday person gets to pick the activity. For Kendall's birthday, we are going to the Fresno Zoo. For my birthday, I requested Monterey and a beach picnic. Spencer wants San Francisco. :-)

Have a happy Saturday! :-)

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Vicki said...

So cute. Cooper is a good photographer!!