Sunday, March 15, 2009


Baby K outside...
Spencer reading aloud
Cooper on his new bike!!! Thanks, Grandma and Grandpa!

Kids playing outside (Coop, Jake, Atheina, & Spencer)

Cooper and "Cakey" (how he says Jake's name) K hates the grass!

K's new shoes: thanks to a sweet friend who either gives me or sells me gently used Pedipeds for $10! (And today Grandma bought her cute summer sandals!)

Boys eating dinner (I like the blurriness of this picture)
How's March treating you? We're fine! Enjoying the warmer weather, walks, and bike rides! Cooper got his birthday present a few months early (Grandma and Grandpa can't wait!) and loves his new bike! He was so proud to get it! We even had to stop by his cousins' house on the way home to show them his new bike!
We got a new washer & dryer and boo-hoo...the washer doesn't work! The store said they think a hose got nicked and they are sending a tech on Monday....thank goodness my mom and mother-in-law live nearby!!! Laundry + three kids (three dirty kids...:-)= full time job!
Having a mini-crisis this weekend...all three boys had eye doctor appointments on Friday, and I am hoping that Cooper accidentally left his "mine" (his special blue blanket that he takes everywhere!) there. But it was late Friday when we noticed, and we're stuck for the weekend now! Poor boy, he has been asking for it and telling us he "misses mine sooo much!" Luckily, he's fallen asleep pretty easily without it the last 2 nights (but that's mostly b/c he didn't nap...). I feel so bad for him, but I also think it's time to start breaking him of the habit of taking it everywhere! When we get it back, new rule: mine stays home!
If you missed Oprah this week, check out her website to see the yummy family friendly, cheap meals some good chefs prepared for viewer families. I'm definitely trying those...
Ok, that's enough babbling for now...see you later! :-D

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Sally said...

what a good friend to give you those pedipeds! so cute. i don't even want to think what would happen if we left a blankie somewhere. these two really need to be blankie broken! poor coop. i will definitely check out oprah for the recipes.