Saturday, March 07, 2009

Welcome March

Park day...enjoying the nice weather

Dad and Joe enjoying beer and chinese food!

Project 365...excuse the total mess...

New haircut!
Cousin Jake is 6!!!

Cutie pie Spencer!

Hello, haven't fallen off the face of earth...but three kids keep me busy! And now that Kendall is more active...can't believe that in less than a month, she'll be 1! No more babies...I really don't want any more kids, but I love having babies...I get a little sad as we are outgrowing all the baby gear...

*However, little miss is truly a mama's girl! Love that! She wants me more than anyone. She takes after me:twirls her hair with her fingers when she's tired and she doesn't care for avocado (the boys gobbled up "cado"). She's so sweet!
*Spencer is going to start T-ball soon! He is in major birthday party season...2 parties the last week, and 3 more this week alone! He loves writing and carries his notebook around to "take notes". Today he wrote this long piece about going to the zoo...if I can pry the notebook from his fingers, I'll copy it here. It was good! Even remembered a "peri-ment" at the end, as he says it! :-)

*Cooper is Cooper, had his first dentist visit and did fine. Good report...except time to cut out the thumb sucking...oh, my, how to do that? Makes me miss the pacifier a least we could just take that away from Spencer, but the thumb??? I'm going to use a chart and give him sticker rewards for not using it during the day. At night, he can still suck away...

*So happy that MOM is home again! She went to San Diego a week and a half ago and had a great time "babysitting" for her grand-dogs (Jenny's term, not mine!) while Jenny & Justin went to Colorado. We missed her a lot here!

*The weather is starting to get nicer ready. I want to pack away the sweaters! I love all the bright colors out in the clothes this spring!

*Wanting to learn how to sew...itching to make cute little dresses for K and pretty up the house. Mom, can you teach me??? :-)

*Still plugging away on my project 365...taking a pic a day. The pics on this entry are some examples.
Will be better about keeping my blog updated. Did you miss me?????????

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Steph said...

I will teach you how to sew this summer and loan you my school machine. Look at this fabric store that is down the street from house!!! I can't believe it took me this long to find them. Check out her blog too.