Sunday, March 29, 2009

San Francisco, Here We Come...

We spent a beautiful day in the city yesterday! We started with Steph's show, Anansi, The Clever Spider at the New Conservatory Theatre. It was great! The actors were superb, and of course, we had front row seats! It was Kendall's first show, and she was very good!
Then we went to Golden Gate Park for a picnic. We ate at a children's area, and it was awesome! the boys had a blast climbing the hills, playing on the equipment, going down a rock slide,....sooo fun...can't believe you can actually find these kinds of things that are still slightly dangerous... you grab a piece of cardboard and slide down!and just hanging out. Steph packed a yummy lunch.
After that, she took us on tour of western San I had never been to. We saw Ocean Beach, the Cliff House, Sea Cliff: very exclusive homes, the Presidio, views of the Golden Gate (if you look carefully in the backgrounds, you can see the Golden Gate)...gorgeous spots! I can't wait to go back to Ocean Beach-it's breathtaking! (And of course, a trip to the park isn't complete until you feed the ducks!)
We had a wonderful day...THANKS, STEPH! We can't wait to go back. And to top it off, the kids were very well-behaved! You just never know how an almost 6, almost 4, and almost 1 year old will act! Just one minor incident when Cooper set off Steph's panic button on her car...he had to get it out somehow...haha!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend! :-)

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