Monday, April 06, 2009

Happy birthday to my sweet girl!

Last year today we were sharing the good news that Miss Kendall had joined our family...has it really been a whole year????
Anyway, here are a few pics to tide you over...between 2 sick kids (including the b-day girl) and tons of laundry...this is all the time I have...our sweet, serious girl on her birthday smiles, she wasn't feeling well...she looks so big sitting on her Grandma's lap! The cake was made by Cousin Maddie and Aunt sweet!

And praising God for my Aunt Emese's safety in Italy after the terrible earthquake! She was supposed to have moved into the area that got hit hard, but she never did...God's plan!


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Michelle said...

I'm so sad that we missed the party! Although that would have made too many puking kids... guess it's obvious that they all share everything! Happy Birthday sweet Kendall! We will have to have another birthday party for you since Riley and Jake were so sad that they missed it!