Friday, April 03, 2009

this week...

...Spencer learned to bike without training wheels...yippeee!!! He seriously learned in about 3 minutes...boom...he was off! We found out later that Jake told him that day that it was time he took off the training wheels...he was ready!

...T-ball continues...lots of fun! Spencer tried being catcher!Jake joined the team...this kid cannot take a bad picture! He's so photogenic!And of course, neither can this she is watching the t-ball practice! Cooper and Kyle were off to the side playing together. Note to self: bring plastic bat to practice for them to play with. It was scary seeing 2 3-year-olds playing with a metal bat...didn't last long! I had to take it away before someone got hurt!

Today Cooper had his visitation day at his pre-school he'll be attending next fall (Spencer's old school). He loved it and can't wait to go back! It helps that he knew some of the kids already from dropping off Spencer last year and playdates.

And our little miss...was sick today! She threw up a few times and wouldn't eat anything! Poor girl! I don't want her to be sick for her birthday! Can't believe last year at this time I was waiting...a little impatiently...for her to be born! Can't believe it has been a whole year...where did it go? I'm a little sad that I don't really have a baby anymore....and my oldest baby is on his downhill slope in kinder...8 weeks until he is a first grader...wait, what??????

Mamas, go HUG your babies right now...

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