Sunday, April 19, 2009

More money stuff

Now sometimes you need to spend money...sometimes quality trumps price! For example, I tend to spend more on safety items. The kids' carseats are Britax, which are pricey, but so worth it. (Spencer is still in a carseat now...and will be until he is 10...just kidding, but until he refuses to sit in it...he complains, but does sit in it for me...)
That being said, I've always scoured the internet for good deals on them, and have never paid full price. I've also never been a fan of the real cheap umbrella strollers. Pay a little more and get the umbrella stroller that has the 5 point harness. You don't need a full on travel system stroller when the baby is little. Skip that, buy the stroller frame that you snap the carseat in, and invest in a good umbrella stroller that the baby can sit in at about 6 months. I like the Chicco one, which has been stolen twice from me! I actually don't have one for Kendall right now, just using the bigger stroller I got when Spencer was born. And that's fine. Make do when you can and save money!

I also spend a little more on baby care products. Especially when you learn about all the toxins in our could our government OK all the chemicals and toxins??? Spend a few minutes on the site "Skin Deep"'s very informative!

I like the California Baby shampoo and body washes. (Target has a $2 off coupon out for them right now!) (Be careful...just because it says it's organic, doesn't mean it is!) I bought the sunscreen a few weeks ago, but someone who starts with a C, squeezed it out all over the backyard! ....ugh...I am going to buy the TruKid brand's cheaper and got great ratings, too! And I'm going to keep it somewhere Cooper can't find it!
My favorite wipes are Seventh Generation. Did you know many wipes have parabens and other things that you don't want near your precious baby's sensitive skin?

So, anyway, just so you don't think I'm such a frugal mama...

Enjoying our sunny days....loving the weather and dressing my kiddos in shorts. Kendall has so many cute summer outfits! I'm excited to dress my little, I mean little girl! Hehehe! That's the fun of having a girl!

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