Wednesday, June 10, 2009

4 years ago right now... sister-in-law Michelle was driving Joe and me to the hospital to have Cooper (he was born at 8:11 AM on June 11)! He was overdue and I was anxious to have him. Michelle had given me applesauce with castor oil in it for a late afternoon snack...apparently it worked...though I never told my doctor...didn't want her to get mad at me! LOL! I have an almost 4 year little Cooper, who by the way picked the song you are now listening to...he loves his Rock star song! You should see him sing it! Cooper is so sweet, kind, caring, energetic, smart, mischievous, that kid...even when he throws a fit in Target today in front of oh, about 6 people I know, including my vice principal, parents of students, parents of other kids at his babysitters...stinker!!! But mama didn't give in, and he learned his lesson! (I hope!) He says he won't throw a fit next time at Target! Ha!
Happy early birthday to my sweetie-pie Coop...mama loves you!!!!

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Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Cooper!