Thursday, June 04, 2009

School is ending...

...can't believe another school year will be over tomorrow. Can't believe tomorrow I will have a FIRST GRADER....who also turned SIX today! Man, 6 years ago at this moment, I was cuddling a newborn baby boy...he was born at 10:13 PM. As I was setting up his birthday table pictures last night, I got so sad looking at the pictures of when he was younger. Those days are over, gone. He is a big boy now. I love the toddler years...and now in school all day...ahhh...I only hope we'll always be as close as we are right now. LOVE that kid SO much!!!!

Enjoy the graduation pics...Spence adores his teacher....wishes he could stay with her another year. I told him it's alright with me if he wants to repeat kindergarten...seriously, I wouldn't mind...can I hold onto him a little more longer????

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