Sunday, June 14, 2009

Review day!

Haven't done a review in a while, so thought I'd do one...

Sunscreen...appropriate for the summer...this year I wanted to use a non-chemical one on my kiddos. Still trying to go green! I bought the California Baby brand (around $18...ouch!). Only used it a few times before someone in my
family squirted it all out (thank you, Coop!), but it was very thick and you really had to rub it in. But it worked and no one had a reaction to it.

Sunscreen #2..TruKid Sunny Days mineral sunscreen (around $13).This stuff smells yummy! Not sunscreen-y at all, but fruity. You really have to rub it in and it does leave your skin with a slight white pallor (the mineral barrier does that). Spencer, though, had a reaction to it and got a pretty bad rash. That's very unusual since it doesn't have any chemicals in it! He does have very sensitive skin. So, while I am still using on Coop and KK, I needed something else for Spencer.

Sunscreen #3: Vanicream Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin SPF 60 (around $13, also). Love this! Not smelly, free of chemicals, rubs in easily, and Spencer had no reaction to it. Plus, on the skin deep website (a great resource if you are interested in toxins in personal care products), it rated a #1...low hazards in chemicals/ingredients you don't want. (TruKid was a #2 and California Baby was also a #1). I ordered it from amazon. (CB was purchased at Target and TruKid at amazon, too, though you can directly buy from the company website and supposedly at Whole Foods sometime soon).
Anyway, I will be purchasing Vanicream from now on. No one has received a burn, though they have gotten some color. What all have you tried?
EDITED: When we were in SD, Spencer got very pink with the Vanicream and Cooper and Kendall looked like they hadn't even been out in the sun wearing TruKid, so I am not as thrilled with Vanicream! That being said, Spencer was in the water a lot more than the other two, so maybe I needed to reapply more. But I wasn't too happy, though...

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