Friday, November 10, 2006

10 things on your to do list

First, these are pictures from a year ago, my, how time flies...look at my chubby Coop, now he is skinny mini! And Spence is laughing, that's still typical today. He's a happy guy!

Ok, Ten on Tuesday's weekly blog starter...10 things on your to-do list...(yes, I know it's Friday...)
1. Make a sample rain stick for the art project we are doing in Spencer's pre-school class next week.
2. Find an approriate Indians or Pilgrims book to read to the class.
3. Make the "favors" for the moms in our MOPS group for our Thanksgiving Feast next week.
4. Get the carpets cleaned.
5. Make copies of the professional pictures we had done of our family. They're awesome...I'll post some...
6. Finish cleaning out the office so Jen & Justin can stay in there when they come next weekend.
7. Make a resume so I can maybe start tutoring and earn some extra moola.
8. Go through the garage for the garage sale next weekend.
9. Start buying Christmas gifts...:-)
10. Clean our bedroom...sooooo messy.....I never clean in there, I always concentrate on the rooms people actually see....
OK, Sally, Brian/Kelli, and Vicki, and oh and Michelle (new blogger!), let's see your Ten on Tuesday list....:-)

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