Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Ten on Tuesday

OK, I was tagged by Sally...10 Things You Love To Eat During the Holidays...

1. Turkey everything

2. Mashed potatoes and gravy (an all year addiction for me, too, Sally)

3. Pumpkin pie

4. Shrimp cocktail

5. My mom's bacon wrapped sausages

6. Those light, powdery cookies

7. Fudge

8. Nana's shrimp salad

9. Mom's chicken and noodles

10. All those hor's doeuvres! Yum!

Now go for it, Brian & Kelli, Vicki (update, girl!) and Michelle (new blogger....if you want me to go see DD with you....) And anyone under comments...:-)
The pictures are from Aunt Jenny and Uncle Justin's visit...a look of love between Aunt and nephew and Spence lovin' his baby girl...Dahlia, the weiner dog. He called her baby girl and told Jenny he wanted to buy her. He said, "Jenny, you don't need 2 dogs. You can have Zero (the other weiner dog)."
HaPpY THankSgIvINg!!!!!!

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Kelli said...


Love your blog! I just noticed the Ten on Tuesday thing. I'll try to participate now that I'm doing the blogging around here.... About the house - we decided to have a house built not far from here and sell this one. We have a neighbor who wants to buy ours and that will save us money on a realtor. We started a blog for the house at if you want to check it out. Corbin, Macy and I will be in California in a couple weeks!