Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween... coming soon!!! I have to download onto the computer was a crazy day.

We started out the day at 3:30 AM with a crying and feverish Coop. I stayed up with him until he finally crashed at 6:30 (and slept until 11:30). I stayed home from school that day. Daddy had plans to be King Kong in a bikini and tutu at Spencer's pre-school bash. I have great pix of that!
So, I pretty much slept on and off that day...That evening, Spence came with me to the YC Harvest Festival to help me man the bounce house for my MOPS group. We saw cousins and his Grammy & Grampy there, too. My angelic mom stayed at home with a crying Coop, while Daddy, who partied with Spence in the morning and worked all afternoon, napped. Then, we traded. Daddy took Spence trick or treating with the Adrian's (our third year doing that with them...tradition!). I stayed home with the sick baby, who, luckily, is about 80% better today.

So, all in all, it was a long good day...complete with a broken toaster and the fridge ice maker getting fixed (LOVE our warranties)...I bet you are glad you know that, right?, I better get this crazy child into bed, who is currently putting stickers over every inch of his body right next to me...didn't Fudge from Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing do something like that??? One of my fav Judy Blume books!!!! :-)
Pictures coming soon!!

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Sally said...

Poor Cooper! Hope he's feeling better. I'm anxious to see pictures.