Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Hello? 911?

"OOPS, did I call 911? Sorry!" What was probably going though Baby C's head as he made a call, one of his favorite things to do. Maybe China, maybe Grandma's (as he has done on Daddy's cell phone)..now 911! Not such a fun thing to receive a phone call from emergency services..."Did you need help? You just placed a call to us..." Thanks, Coop!

Coooooool here...brrrr....actually scraped the *ice* off my windshield this morning with my fingernails....another reason why I am finally having the garage sale THIS Saturday...so I can park in my garage! We have a (technically) 3 car garage, but with my SUV only 2 cars fit and with all of our junk in there, no cars fit! Oh well...time to sell and toss!

I know it is not as cold as SNOWY Seattle...talked to Robin up there as the snow fell and fell...how about Chicago? Any snow there yet, my Chicago readers? Even Nicole in Oregon said they got a light dusting of snow, too. Last week we were practically in the 70's and now, brrr....

Have a Great week!

Happy Birthday to Charlotte tomorrow! Happy Belated Birthday to Missy! :-) Love ya!

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