Friday, November 17, 2006

OK, so someone tried to scam us....

(Coop and his "baby"...the first thing he has become attached to....)

We're selling our car, and I have been emailing some man who was interested. he asked some questions, asked to see pix of the engine, and then sent the final email where he wanted to send a check with a courier for too much, have us cash it, then Western Union the remainder to another address, and a shipping service would pick up the I started to tell Joe about his requests, Joe knew exactly what I was going to say and said it along with me....weird! We almost got scammed! Of course, my dear hubby is too savvy to be scammed...thank goodness!

Then, I sent out a scammy was a prayer request and it sounded so legit, but then someone forwarded a link to that said the prayer request was a little bogus, a little true...this woman was asking for prayer for her husband in Iraq, but he wasn't on a dangerous sniper mission, nor had he called home to say goodbye...weird....I guess it is getting hard to trust almost anything now. Very sad....truthfulness and honesty and trustworthiness are great qualities...

Fighting this yucky cough and achy pains that I know have been going around...poor Coop had it for almost 2 weeks. But now it is VACATION!!!! Sadly, we are not going anywhere...:-( But at least I can stay home with my men and MAYBE get more sleep and HOPEFULLY scrapbook! Jen & Justin are coming in tonight and Meg is coming up this weekend, too. We will have a birthday (for Dad)/Thanksgiving celebration on Sunday.

10 Things you are Thankful For....(From this week's 10 on Tuesday). Sally, I expect to see this on your blog, too!
Me: 1. My God 2. My Hubby! 3. My Precious Boys! 4. My family 5. My health 6. A nice home 7. Great friends 8. MOPS 9. Books 10. Cameras

I know, kinda random...I also am thankful for Grey's Anatomy, scrapbook magazines, chai lattes, fall weather, the beach, jeans, wet kisses from my boys, email!, new babies, nachos from El Asadero, phone calls from friends (Hi Robin!), jersey sheets, hot baths, slippers....

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