Sunday, December 17, 2006

Greetings from the house of sickies...

Yes, our boys have been sick this weekend. Spencer started out the weekend bright and early Saturday by throwing up in our bed and on his pj's. He didn't stop until late last night. Whew...what a day, the laundry was going all day long and the house reeks. Coop has a cold, and it makes him moody and not sleep well. Poor boys! But LUCKILY, this morning, Spence is feeling better, just a cold now, and watching The Polar Express (or Under the Bridge, as he calls it!) for the thousandth time. Coop is eating breakfast, Daddy is getting some sleep, and I am hanging out in pj's. I *never* got out of them yesterday...even to walk to the mailbox last night (hee-hee)...I LOVE getting Christmas cards! We are getting some beautiful pictures this year. I started scrapbooking last year's pictures. I thought it would be fun to have a scrapbook of holiday cards and letters, to look through each year. Maybe I'll show a pic sometime.

I am sad Spence was sick this weekend, though, because I found a train ride with Santa we could have gone on...a real steam locomotive, but this is the last weekend. Oh well, next year. Spence loves trains, he makes railroad tracks in his apple as he eats it, finds them in shadows, and plays Polar Express in the bathtub(the scene the train is skidding across the ice).
OK, better go check on the sickies...hope everyone is HEALTHY in your house!

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Sally said...

We're sick too! Our washer has also been going nonstop. We're on the tail end, I think. I wrote sub case I get it! Hope everyone's better soon.