Monday, December 11, 2006

Oh Christmas Tree...

Yay, we got our tree on Friday. We go with Joe's parents and the cousins, who run around the lot like crazy while we search for the perfect tree. The top picture is of Joe, Coop and Joe's mom, Cindy (for those who don't know her). Anyway, the tree looks beautiful, and is trimmed with all of my stories and memories (i.e. ornaments). Love it! The boys are lovin' it, too. Coop leaves it alone, but Spence likes to take off the ornaments to play with of his favorite thinsg to do is also play with the nativity set. "Oh, Baby Jesus, you're so cute!"-one of his sayings...:-) He is getting into the whole nativity thing and the story of Jesus. I am proud of him.

Coop has been battling a cold here. Poor baby...he's also teething. But he's in a great mood (most of the time).

Hope all is well at your home! Waiting for some holiday babies to be born...Vicki expecting her little girl on Jan. 1 and my buddy from Bible study, Kelly, expecting her 4th on Jan 1, also. Kelly had her 3rd a week after Coop was born...brave woman, I can't imagine adding a newborn into our life right now. Lots of new babies coming in 2007! None from this woman, though....

HaPPy HOlIdaYs!!!!

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