Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Ten On Tuesday...

Wow, i am actually doing the 10 on Tuesday on Tuesday! (It's an online blog starter that gets mailed every, yes, Tuesday!) Then you tag other blogs to post theirs...consider yourselves tagged Sally, Vicki, and Brian/Kelli! :-)

10 Things You Want For Christmas:

1. Black picture frames, all sizes

2. Dustbuster

3. any books from my amazon.com wish list

4. Sephora: need lipstick and eyeshadow

5. ClOtHeS...I've sold all mine at my garage sales...

6. White dry erase monthly calendar

7. Scrappin' supplies

8. Coat rack

9. Shelves

10. Organizer

There...made my list, checking it twice...What's on YOUR list? Post in the comments, too if you are not a fellow blogger...yet!

Leaving you with Cutie pics of my Super Duper and the Man (with a dirty face, I better clean them up before I snap pics...). BTW, tonight Spence said, "Daddy, you're the best!" How cute!

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