Sunday, December 03, 2006

Bad blogger

OK, bad blogger...I am back....nothing much to report here. Had a garage sale yesterday...brrr...wasn't sure people still went in the winter, oh, but they do! :-) Made some moola...carpets getting cleaned this week! Yay! Then we can get our tree. I really want to get the tree, but have been slightly putting it off because of my Coop. He gets into everything, I am just worried about the precious ornaments.

Yes, my ornaments are precious. I don't have one of those trees that you see in magazines...mine is special b/c it has all the ornaments from my life, down from my baby ornaments to the ones I made growing up, to our first home ornament and the boys' ornaments. It takes me forever to decorate the tree b/c I like to savor each ornament and remember the story behind it. I try to write down the year and the reason behind each, so I can recall the story. I tell you, if my house was on fire, my ornament boxes (and scrapbooks) would be the first thing I grab (besides the obvious of my family!). I'll take a pic of some of my ornaments to post when we get them out, hopefully Tuesday night or Wednesday night...:-) I posted LAST year's pictures...the ornaments all laid out and Coop putting up his first Christmas ornament!

Have a great week! :-)

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