Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Officially on BREAK!

OK, my Christmas break starts right now...yippee!! :-) Though I am at home with one sick boy...Spencer is still not better. He stayed home from school Monday, went on Tuesday (field trip caroling at a retirement home) and got sick in Aunt "Chelle's" car today on the way to school...oops...I think I owe Aunt Chelle big time! So, he's in bed again resting....tomorrow is the pre-school Christmas party, so he better get better!

Ok, so those of you who know me know that I am not a chef...far from it. In college, my friends knew I either ate out or made a frozen meal...unless Robin cooked for me. :-) I desperately want to be a cook, want Joe to come home from work to a good home cooked meal, so I am trying...(discovering Rachael Ray), Christmas treats aren't turning out the way I wanted. First off, the peanut brittle tasted yucky (I used dark corn syrup, not light), and then the lemon squares couldn't be made because there were ants in the powdered, I ended up making brownie at 10:00 PM last night. I felt a little bad handing out my tiny bags of brownie at school today...oh well...I guess I better start my treat making earlier next year! But, I am lucky enough to have a husband that likes to cook (back off, ladies!), so I do get some nice home cooked meals every week. :-) (And he knows cooking is not my forte and he still loves me!)

But anyone want to send me some easy, yummy recipes???


Sally said...

We're still trying to kick the bug over here, too. It's awful! I was out for two days myself. You and I are kindred spirits, cooking-wise! I'm such a takeout girl, but I'm getting better. Jen and Dan swear by They have lots of great slowcooker recipes, and a tortilla soup that's totally yummy. It's the one that rated in their Top 20 (there are about a billion other versions on the site). Have a great break! Get Well Spence!

lil' kim said...

Brownie-I think you like to cook about as much as I like to scrapbook. :} I was just going to recommend and see that your friend, Sally, has recommended that site as well. It's THE BEST! You can search for all types of recipes, and users rate them. I only choose ones with good ratings and every single time, I have like the dish. I basically might as well throw out my cookbooks.