Friday, January 12, 2007

Flashback Friday

Here are today's flashbacks...Spencer was 22 months (April 05) and he got so sick with the croup that he was rushed in an ambulance to Valley Children's Hospital in Fresno and we spent the night there. I HOPE we never have to go back. (I mean, it's a great hospital, but NO FUN to be there with your kids!) Cooper was 2 months away from being born.
So back to 2007's back to work for me...less blogging...back to MOPS, back to grading papers, getting up early, no more sleeping in until 10 for Coop. He was NOT a happy camper on Monday! Spencer had a good time getting back to school. I think he missed his friends! He is big on practicing his "homework", a book I bought him to practice writing his ABC's. We're working on his name now. However, he is stubborn and sometimes will accept my help, and sometimes will only do it" all-by-myself", said in a little chant. My independent man...:-)

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