Sunday, January 14, 2007

Happy Birthday, Cindy!

We had a nice time celebrating Cindy's birthday last night. Good food, good fun, good family! Joe made Michelle's secret recipe Caesar was her birthday gift to him. He was VERY excited...he LOVES that salad! He did a great job, too. The picture is Grammy with some of her grandkids (Riley, Coop, Spence & Jake) and her kahlua cake. Yum, I told you it was good food!
The other pic is Spencer with his new letters on his wall...hoping he is having some sweet dreams right now...

Hope everyone is staying is COLD here...brrr....missin' my LA weather again, I always do around this time of the year...Robin, adjusting back to Seattle after your trip to Mexico??? Hope you had a nice time!

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Sally said...

I love the DREAM letters. I just saw something like that in Domino...I love that magazine! What a great picture of Joe's mom and her loves.