Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Ten on Tuesday

Ok, so this week's Ten on Tuesday is your Ten New Year's Resolutions...

There has kind of been a backlash of sorts against New Year's Resolutions...I was reading that people get upset that they can't keep them, and most people end up breaking them by Feb. So instead of resolutions (which I have never been very good at anyway), I want to think of them as goals. Goals I want to to try to incorporate in my everyday life...
Here's mine...
1. More time with God (devotions a daily priority)
2. More date nights with Joe
3. Be more organized
4. Scrap more...at least a page a week
5. Add some new recipes to my cooking
6. Stop and smell the roses
7. Read more, not magazines, not parenting books, but my own reading
8. Hmm....I think I need to stop at 7! OK, I'll keep you updated on how I am doing!

What are YOURS????
**The pictures are from our New Year's Eve...Coop with his Aunt "Chelle" and our family picture with our boys not posing...:-)

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