Friday, January 05, 2007

She's here!

Baby news: Lillian Emily (to be called Lily) is here! She was born yesterday to our friends Chip and Vicki. She's a gorgeous, big baby (9 lbs, 6 oz...if I am correct). Joe and I drove down to LA, picking up Ryan on the way, and surprised Chip and Vicki at the hospital in Fullerton! They were excited! I think Chip needed that, it had been a long night for them...We swooped him out and went to dinner so Vicki could rest. It was a great time! I am so excited for them! Welcome to parenthood!
And then Joe and I drove home that night, after a quick visit in Burbank with Ryan and Jillian. It was snowing so hard on the grapevine, which we didn't even realize for a while. We thought it was just hard rain, but no, I finally looked to the side and saw snow! Wow, was it windy, too! We saw police escorts on the other side, and realized we probably had just missed having an escort. We were tired, but happy to be home at 3 AM. And of course, my lovely son Spencer, who I missed on our trip to LA, woke up early I am looking forward to naptime, to say the least!
Happy birthday also to Tyler, Spencer & Cooper's cousin. And Margo, Cooper's precious babysitter....Jan. 4 is a great day to be born!:-)

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Sally said...

That's great news! I'm sure they're over the moon. They're in for a great ride. =)