Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Bloggy Reviews

I've been wanting to start doing reviews on here for a little bit...not sure how many readers I actually have, but maybe someone would be interested...probably most of my reviews will be baby related in the next few months since we are about to embark on that exciting, sleep deprived, time of newborn at home....but here we go:

1. La Mer face cream: yes, this is that $$$$ face cream you hear the celebs wearing, but apparently they have samples for loyal customers who then sell the samples on ebay. My sis bought me one for Christmas, and this sample has lasted a while! It's thick, and it makes my face feel softer than I can remember! I love it for that. However, don't think it has done anything on my wrinkles (wearing contacts, I have quite a few wrinkles around my eyes). So, no I won't be shelling out $120 for a bottle of this, but if you can try a sample, it's worth it. The soft face is nice!
2. Minivans: LOVE my minivan! My last 2 cars have been SUVs and they both drove like trucks. Love that my van drives like a car...so smooth! Love being able to pop open the doors and the boys climb in themselves....nice for this pregnant mama! I don't know if I will be able to go back to SUVs again....highly recommend minivans!!!
3. Almost French by Sarah Turnbull (had to do a book!). Not finished reading it, but it is interesting! The beginning was slow, almost put it down. It's a nonfiction book about a woman who meets a French guy and decided to impulsively go stay with him,and ends up staying. It's how she acclimates herself to the French culture. Very interesting, especially since she is an Aussie and the French, especially the women, are very different. I like reading books about people from different cultures, so this is interesting. 3.5 out of 5 stars. I got it from the new club I joined, the paperbackswap club...check out my link on the right hand side, especially if you are a reader. It's free! Waiting to get my 2nd book any day now!
OK, so there are my reviews for now....
Happy Tuesday!

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Sally said...

Ooh lala! Creme de la Mer! I have a love/hate relationship with my van. I love that it gets better mileage than my SUV did and I love the doors. I still feel like I'm driving a bus sometimes. I'm guilty of bumping curbs when trying to swing the big rear end around a corner! I just wish I had gone the used route like you did. I don't think I needed a brand-new one. I'm glad you like yours!