Saturday, September 20, 2008

Family firsts

Today we had a few family firsts...
1. Spencer got his first pet! He and Daddywere out on a date, soccer pictures, lunch, and stopped into Petco. After hearing no for his requests for: a puppy, a bird, a hamster, Daddy agreed to a fish! His name is Fishy!

2. Kendall (now 5.5 months old) had food for the first time! She seemed to like it! She has been so hungry lately...getting up 4 times a night to joke! So hopefully this will help fill her up. She is such a little cutie. She wants to crawl so badly...she gets on all fours and rocks.
Her new thing: sticking out her tongue!

Not much else is new...just living life! Finally enjoying some cooler weather...I am so ready for fall! Pumpkin patches, leaves, great lighting for pictures...the evening golden light is so incredible. School is going well for both Spencer and me. He told me yesterday, "A peer-a-mint goes at the end of every sentence." You don't his little lingo!
OK, is this a picture of a future rock star or what???

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Sally said...

Great pictures. I am so ready for fall, as well. Did you notice that I put a "peer a mint" at the end of those sentences?