Saturday, September 27, 2008

Look what I can do!

Look at me! I know how to sit up by myself now! I get into position all by myself, too! I really like sitting up. Mommy catches me sitting up in my crib...instead of laying down to nap...haha!

Aren't I cute?

In other news, my brother Cooper has tried to kill Spencer's fish twice! The first time he threw the fish bowl-cup on the floor. Fishy flopped around while Spencer screamed, but Daddy saved the day! Then yesterday, Cooper dumped the new bowl down the drain, but since Mommy had dishes in the sink, Daddy was able to scoop Fishy up before he slid down the drain. Luckily, Spencer was not home! Mommy and Daddy don't know why Cooper hates the fish!

Mommy won me an organic onesie on The Tree Hugging Blog! It says "My stroller is a hybrid"...whatever that is! Mommy sure loves all this green stuff. Check out the blog to see my shirt. Can't wait for it to come!

Better comes Mommy! I am hungry!


Erica said...

She is such a doll, Amy! Time flies, huh? Can't believe she's setting herself up already!

Vicki said...

Wow! Look at her sitting!! She is growing up so fast!!

Funny about Cooper and the fish -- good thing you didn't get a dog! :)