Saturday, September 06, 2008

Still here!

Sorry, long time no blog! Still here, just having some technical difficulties! We need a new router for the ole laptop! Don't have one yet, but had to update!

First, thanks Vicki for your sweet shout-out! I will do mine fav blogs next entry!

Second, I am officially a soccer mom! Spencer started soccer last night! He was so cute out there! He was running after the ball, and he was really getting into the mix! We were proud of him! And of course, our little Romeo...found a friend on the field. Apparently she helped him up when someone pushed him down. I got this cute shot of them checking each other out. He said he wants to marry her...and he doesn't even know her name! Cooper enjoying soccer practice too!

Third, our little KK is now 5 months old! Time is flying by! She's going to start cereal in a few days!

Fourth, happy belated birthday to Grandpa Ken! We had a party for him, and it was a nice evening! This cake shot is the best! Cindy was putting on some big musical candle thing and it blew up! Hope your day was great, Grandpa!!!! :-)

Better boys are picking up a pizza, so better get the kitchen ready! Promise to blog more later!

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