Saturday, November 01, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

Yay, it didn't rain after all! :-) We all enjoyed our day. The kids all had parties at school, and even Kendall got a whole bucket of treats that she won't be able to enjoy! But we will...

In the afternoon, we went to Grammy's to make her special tortilla cookies and play. I got these cute pictures of my jack-o-lantern. Kendall is wearing the same costume her brothers wore on their first Halloween! It's a tradition!

In the evening, after a quick dinner of hot dog mummies (the picture is blurry...),
we went trick-or-treating with the Adrians (another tradition). Kendall stayed home with Grandma. The weather was warm, and thank goodness, dry! The kids had a blast, but boy, it sure tired them out! (And us!) Monica was a trouper, 8 months pregnant and she kept up.

Here's the gang before we started: my doctor and fireman and Indiana Jones (Aiden) and Yoda (Kyle).

The Dads carried the youngest by the end of the night!And how was your Halloween?

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