Thursday, May 07, 2009

cranky cranky

...describing me! Yes, I'm a little cranky right now...I found out yesterday that I am being moved to another school that is the farthest one from my house and from my current school. Not to mention the worst part...I was assigned grade 4/5 combo...ugh...those are.the.worst!!! So, I'm a little cranky...the good news is that I can apply for any open position starting next week. It just sucks, our economy and the state govt, for all the junk we're going through. Shouldn't education always be fully funded??? Yes, we are supposed to be getting stimulus money, but until the check is in their hands, my school district can't rely on it. So, the bumping began...after 13 years of teaching, I'm pretty upset. But what can you do??? I'm going to try to turn this frown upside down...but maybe tomorrow...can I wallow in my self pity for a little while longer....LOL!

But again, counting my blessings. Seeking gratitude. I'm grateful for:

1. my happy, healthy children

2. my husband who is helpful (and cute)

3. having family nearby

4. summer is on its way

5. a job, yes, it could be worse...:-)

So there...turning my frown upside down.

On a lighter note...
1. I won at bunco! I got the most buncos! yippee!!!

2. It's almost my birthday!

3. had yummy nachos for El Asadero

4. the weather is spring-y!

5. found this cool new website...check it for a big laugh!

6. I love these people...

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