Saturday, May 23, 2009


Busy week...Open House, applying for teaching assignments (still...), kiddo time, t-ball (wow, t-ball is fun, but it's a long season!) Little Miss watching the game with her Aunt Chelle....we got a little pool and the kids love it! Even the Gresham cousins, who have an in-ground pool, love coming over to {swim}! :-) The kids love playing outside, bike riding...
Here's our sweet neighbor Samantha pushing Kendall on her bike!
Be careful if you fall asleep at our house...Spencer put this fake spider on Coop!

Last night Steph, a wonderful teacher, taught me to use the sewing machine and helped me make a cute little dress for Miss K! I'll take a pic of her and post it. It was fun...and there was something strangely relaxing about sewing...oh, I sewed in girl scouts and in 7th Grade Home Ec (do they even have those classes anymore?), but it never clicked. After seeing all the cuteness on Etsy, I HAD to learn to sew!!! not to sell, but to just make! Oh, no, another hobby...I need another desk! :-)

Fun weekend's Grampy's birthday today and tomorrow we BBQ at Steph's with the Ferguson's! Vicki, we'll miss you guys! (And congrats on the "auntie" news...totally thought it was you! LOL!)
What about you??? any exciting plans??? Happy Memorial Day! Thinking of our soldiers in this time (actually think of them all the time) and how brave and wonderful they are to give their lives to service for us! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Vicki said...

We wish we could be there too!! Someday we'll get back for a visit . . . :) It is funny how many people thought that I was expecting when I said I had news --but who would I have had to get the ok from? Chip wouldn't care or even know since he doesn't read my blog (he lives it apparently so he has no need to read it). :) Have a great weekend!!