Saturday, May 02, 2009

Looong day....

Some days are like this in the adventure of's like a roller coaster...and today was the down part...Kendall was Miss Crankypants all day and wouldn't let anyone but me hold arms are aching....Joe was gone all afternoon at a cool birthday party held at the space center with Spencer...and this morning we had pictures at JCPenney's...Spence was a wiggle worm, Cooper was great (imagine that!), and KK wouldn't we got a few, but I ended up rescheduling. We have to get that cute one year birthday photo...only a month late! LOL-I think Spencer's 1 year pic was on his actual day...ahhh, the difference between your first (and only) child and child #3!

Even so, I wouldn't get off this roller coaster for anything...being a MOM is the best! I can't wait until summer when I get to be home all day with my cuties! I think I want to start an art club with any other interested moms and once a week or bi-weekly plan an art day. I so want my children to be creative. It makes life more interesting. Of course, we have swim lessons arranged, maybe a sports day camp, Vacation Bible School, 2 trips to San Diego planned! Not too much, I love the unplanned summer days where the whole day stretches ahead of you. I see the boys biking everyday, playing Legos, playing outside, park playdates, picnics...Yippee!!! Only 5 weeks to go....

First T-ball game last week! Spencer enjoys it, and Cooper is the "unofficial" bat boy. He can't wait to play. For now he plays with the other siblings too young to be on the team: Kyle and Annika. They are quite a threesome! (Love this pic of Aunt Jenny loving on Coop)

Missed our date to SF this weekend, we ended up not being able to go for several reasons and I was seriously bummed. Steph's show is supposed to be awesome...:-( I tried to get another friend to go with me, but she couldn't for childcare reasons. So sorry, Steph...we will make it up to you!!!

Happy 30th State Farm anniversary to my father-in-law, Charlie! He's been with that wonderful company for a long time! And tomorrow is a very special day: Maddie turns 13!!!!! Can't believe our girl (my sweet niece) will officially be a teenager!!!!

Enjoy your weekend!

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