Sunday, May 31, 2009

More etsy love...

Since I'm giving the shout outs, here another awesome etsy site...and the girls are local (and one is sweet blog reader, Donavan...and check out her blog here)....I'm so ordering a pillowcase dress soon for my girl...aren't they so cute!!!! And the bags are very sweet, too...I could go broke on etsy, I tell ya!
Like she needs anymore clothes...haha...Grandma bought her a new cute outfit at Gymboree today (LOVE that store!). and I...cough cough...bought her one too...but hey, it was on sale for $7! All of Gymboree's stuff is 30% off right now!

Are you taking out those wallets yet??? Ahh...just in time for a frugal summer, the joys of teaching, an 11 month paycheck schedule....check out this article about a no spend month (Heather, you might be interested! :-))). I've done this before, but found this article pretty interesting.
Ok, better go get ready for last week of school:

-planning, boxing up my room, lugging those boxes home, field trip, finishing report cards, graduation party for Spencer, making gift for his teacher, Bunco!, starting swim lessons tomorrow, saying goodbye to my students and my staff at school (boo!), celebrating Spencer's 6th birthday, getting ready for his joint party with Cooper next, I'm tired just typing this out...

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My world said...

I just wanted to say thank you for all of your kind words! It means a lot to both of us for you to take the time out and give us a shout out for our little store!!