Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Day in Merced's history

Yesterday I was lucky enough to attend UC Merced's graduation, the first class to successfully complete 4 years at the newest UC. Those students worked hard to secure Michelle Obama as their keynote speaker....they sent letters, Valentine's cards, a video about how they believe in her...and it worked! She chose UC Merced graduation class to give her first commencement speech as First Lady!
(I know it's hard to see HER in the on them if you want and you can see her bigger! :-))
Now, I'll be honest. I didn't vote for Obama and I wasn't a big fan of Michelle's. No issue there, just not a big fan. But yesterday, I left the graduation with a newfound respect for her. I REALLY liked her and the speech. She gave a great speech! It was about our town of Merced, and how proud she was of the graduates. She encouraged them to work hard, to make a difference, and encouraged the UC campus and Merced to work together to help our community. I felt very proud to be a Mercedian! Just an very inspiring speech...everyone should love it...there were no politics involved...just be a better person period. Thank you, Michelle Obama! :-))))

The turnout was huge...and it was fun to run into a few people I haven't seen in a long time. The heat...not so good! Very hot! But hey, that's the Central Valley! Missy and Michelle trying to get the perfect shot!

A local woman, Jenni, sang in the pre-show and it was fun to see her. I've know her since high school and I think she was Joe's first the 4th grade! LOL!
Anyway, that was our day...a great day for those wonderful graduates and our community!

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